About Us

Welfare Party of India was born out of compulsion arising due to the deteriorating political order in the country on 18th April 2011. It is not merely an addition to the existing political parties but an alternative to the corrupt, communal, criminal and opportunist politics.

Welfare Party of India was born out of compulsion arising due to the deteriorating political order in the country on 18th April 2011. It is not merely an addition to the existing political parties but an alternative to the corrupt, communal, criminal and opportunist politics.

It aims at fulfilling the much cherished dreams of our freedom fighters towards establishing a "Welfare State". A country where in all the Citizens shall have dignity, equality, liberty, opportunity and justice with unity and integrity to the nation.

This value based political party shall not exploit the already segmented Indian society based on religion/caste/class and shall not polarize the society on caste/class/region/religion for cheap electoral benefits. It shall aim at bringing about complete new dimension to the Indian Politics.

It believes in investing through Intervention in nutrition, health, education for sustainable growth and balanced development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Party shall recognize and realize the right to livelihood as a fundamental human right along with the other fundamental rights enshrined in our constitution.

Party shall strive to make India a developed economy but firmly believes that the development shall be all inclusive compromising equally of both rural and urban belt and the fruits of development shall be equitably distributed to every section of the society. And the ever widening gap between the have and have nots, shall be appropriately addressed and contained.

Party believes in social justice, empowerment of marginalised, oppressed and weaker section through social measures and affirmative actions, these sections shall be empowered both politically and economically. The Party shall strive to make the state responsible of providing basic security of food, clothing, shelter, basic health care and quality education.

India is a hub of diverse cultures and its strength is 'Unity in Diversity' Party believes in Cultural Federalism and shall work to ensure protection to all cultural diversities by providing full opportunity to different cultures to flourish and thrive.

The Muslim Citizens are discriminated, stigmatized and used as bait to polarize the nation. They are also under represented in all arenas including the parliament/assemblies while they are over represented in comparison to their population to linger in jail. Party shall strive hard to remove this discrimination, provide security and level playing with equal opportunities shall be provided to them. Party shall implement Sachaar Committee & Raghunath Mishra Commission’s recommendations.

The plight of the Dalits in India in all areas of life - economic, social, political has been pathetic throughout their history and continues as such even today albeit a little alleviated, the discrimination and atrocities continue.

The reservation did not achieve the desired change. Party shall strive to truly empower the Dalit community in word and spirit.

The principle of gender equality is enshrined in the Constitution which not only grants equality to women, but also empowers the State to adopt measures of positive discrimination in favour of women, yet they are subjected to discrimination, subjugation and suppression. Party aims at empowering women socially, politically and economically.

Party shall strive to provide 50% political reservation at all levels to women and involve her in policy and decision making process.

The Party shall implement Article 25 of the constitution, the right to profess, practice and propogate religion to all Citizens especially the minorities. Party shall ensure that their places of worship and institutions shall remain protected.

India is a young country with 65% share of the youth in our population. Youth is a real asset of our society, the Party shall help channelise their energies for the healthy development of the society and shall ensure that they get fair opportunity accordingly to his/her capabilities. Party shall prepare them in playing the role effectively as the future nation builders.

The principle of federalism is that the legislative, executive and financial matter is divided between the centre and the states not by law passed by the center but by the Constitution itself and the party shall leverage the true potential of federal system without encroaching each other's rights and work out the best way forward.

The 73rd and 74th Amendment strengthened decentralisation by constitutionally recognising Panchayats and Municipalities as the 3rd tier and listing their functions in the eleventh and twelfth schedules, however inadequate funds and vision inhibits them from playing their role effectively. Party shall empower them by giving adequate funds and invest in human capital comprising of nutrition, health and education apart from infrastructure development projects. Party shall ensure an effective mechanism of accountability and transparency at all level of public life.

Party shall strive for a just global order, free from imperialism/ discrimination/disease/hunger/fear and prejudice. Sovereignty of all nations shall be respected.