March 14, 2021

Welfare Party determined to bring a recovolutionary changes in people, family and society

We don’t do politics just for the same of doing politics. In other words, our political emergence is not an […]
March 13, 2021

The Right to Vote Empowers the People

The right to vote empowers the people to change the destiny of the nation and their lives. Let us not […]
March 7, 2021

Welfare Party of India Relaunches Website

National President Dr. SQR Ilyas will relaunch the revamped website of Welfare Party of India at a program organized at […]
March 4, 2021

Unplanned lockdown and migrant laborers

Unplanned lockdown during Covid Pandemic took migrant labourers’s lives, common people were subjected to innumerable hardships. Govt. shunned its responsibility […]
March 1, 2021

Welfare Party sishes State Committees in their Assembly Elections

Best wishes to Welfare Party State units of West Bengal, Kerala and Tamilnadu in their Assembly Elections as an attempt […]
February 26, 2021

Is this reason not strong enough to repleace Governments?

Soaring price hike on fuel in Indian when it was low in global market was one of the reasons why […]
February 24, 2021

One Year of Delhi Riot

One year elapsed since Delhi Riots shook the National capital, killing 53, injuring many and property worth crores of rupees […]
February 22, 2021

Fuel Price and Central Taxes

The current price rise on fuel is largely due to the steep increase in cenral taxes of petrol and diesel […]
February 18, 2021

It is high time to put an end to criminalization of Politics

It is high time to put an end to criminalization of Politics in West Bengal West Bengal minister and his […]
February 12, 2021

Building a political system based on ethics and values

Unless and untill we focus on building a political system based on ethics and values, devoid of personal desires and […]
February 9, 2021

Karnataka Anti Cow Laughter Bill

Anti Cow Laughter Bill passed in Karnataka by BJP government yesterday with an aim to play communal agenda, is in […]
February 7, 2021

India needs a responsible Prime Minister

Dr. SQR Ilyas, National President, Welfare Party of India While the Prime Minister’s duty is to talk to the protesting […]
February 7, 2021

Bollywood Celebrities and Farmers Protest

Bollywood Celebrities and Farmers Protest Several Bollywood celebrities and sportspersons took to social media urging the country to stand united […]
February 3, 2021

Are they farmers or enemy soldiers who have gathered to invade, that such security steps are undertaken?

January 25, 2021

Happy Republic Day

January 22, 2021

Birth Day of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

January 21, 2021

Govt ready suspend Farm Laws for 18 months, but why just 18 months, suspend them indefinitely.

January 15, 2021

The country is in dire need of a just and upright government that will work for the welfare of the people.

January 12, 2021

Welfare Party of India welcomed the stay on the implementation of the farm laws

January 11, 2021

According to CMIE Report, unemployment rate rises to 6-month high of 9.1% in Dec 2020

January 7, 2021

This is not even the first time India becomes non-permanent member of UNSC

January 5, 2021

Why are the farmers’ demands yet not met even after 7th round of talks?

January 2, 2021

Welfare Party of India calls upon all non-BJP governments to pass a resolution against contentious farm laws

January 1, 2021

People in the country are looking for a secular value based political alternative