Modi government’s move of passing the 2019 Right to information Amendment Bill in Loksabha as an attempt to subvert the RTI Act and make it toothless.

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January 8, 2019
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July 30, 2019

Dr SQR Ilyas, National President of Welfare Party of India strongly condemned the Modi government for introducing the amendments in the RTI Act and said that it is a process to strengthen the totalitarian form of government and to discourage transparency and accountability in the government departments.

Expressing concern, he said that the amendments proposes to change the tenure and salary of the Chief Information Commissioner and other Information Commissioners, which can be used to threaten or lure them with arbitrary removal/ extension/curtailment in order to suit the government and called this move dangerous. D

r Ilyas pointed out at the recent order issued by the government that “All the documents/information which the government feels privy and the disclosure of the same may hamper the interest of the state shall be exempted from revealing to the public even on the request under the RTI Act, destroying transparency and accountability, has already weakened the Act and this move is another step forward to destroy the democratic institutions in the country. He appealed the people to stand in solidarity and oppose the present move and to protect and uphold democracy.

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