New Delhi: National President of Welfare Party of India Dr SQR Ilyas said BJP thought it was invincible but could not get past the simple majority mark of 272 and will now have to rely on allies to form a government.

He said ,”The results have also proved that the exit polls were a farce by the pro-BJP media which claimed a landslide victory for BJP over 400 seats.

He said, despite all attempts to weaken the opposition by using ED by arresting chief ministers Arvind Kejriwal and Hemant Soren days ahead of polling, on charges of corruption, freezing Congress’s bank account right before it launched its campaign and with managed ECI ,Modi government failed to check the opposition from giving a befitting competition.

He said the alliance between Congress and Samajwaadi Party in Uttar Pradesh became a formidable force to defeat BJP where it even used police to prevent voters from exercising their fundamental right to vote.

He appreciated the strategy of SP to include Dalit and the wise distribution of seats also fetched the favourable results in UP with a major shift in Dalit Vote.

The BJP’s campaign which relied on three pillars -Modi, Money, and Machine, with the party focusing on capitalising on the Modi brand, supported by the RSS and panna pramukhs together could not get BJP single majority.

He said on the other hand the INDIA bloc took off with Rahul Gandhi’s yatras got tremendous response from the masses over the country and the coming together of secular political parties to form INDIA alliance made the much required difference.

Dr Ilyas concluded that the results show that people have rejected the Bharatiya Janata Party’s destructive and communal politics with the power of their votes and Modi’s arrogance,lies and hate shattered, “which is a victory for the common man and the workers of the political parties who toiled for it and given this country a strong opposition.

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