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WPI believes in linking every volunteer action with its potential for positive mass awareness. In accordance with this belief, WPI is rallying people from wide range of fields to help them carry out assignments or tasks. If you’re motivated enough to contribute your skills, time and effort to the cause then we’d love for you to join our community of volunteers who are keen on engaging with value-based politics that can benefit communities at large!

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We are not just another party engaged in power politics, but rather a movement for reforming Indian politics and try to realise a welfare state based on moral values and governed by the principles of Justice, Freedom, Equality and Fraternity.

Party believes in social justice, empowerment of marginalised, oppressed and weaker section through social measures and affirmative actions, these sections shall be empowered both politically and economically.

The Idea of a Welfare State
Sufficient nutritious food, decent clothing, proper shelter, essential healthcare and elementary education are among the fundamental human rights and it is the duty of a welfare state to fulfill these basic needs of each and every citizen.

Development with Justice and Equality.
The Party envisages speedy growth in the industry, trade, commerce, and the national economy. But it shall try to reform the economy in such a way as to ensure that the process of development and wealth creation is properly regulated by the obligations of justice and equality. Humanity and human beings must get precedence over economy and capital. The concentration of wealth must be curbed and all the Indians must benefit from the fruits of development. Economic development should also uplift the backward and downtrodden sections along with the industrialists and businessmen. Concerns for sustainability and the protection of the environment should also form an important regulator of development.

Democracy, Pluralism and Inclusiveness
The Party shall promote the true spirit of democracy. The Party strongly believes in democracy not in the sense of mere majority-ism but in the sense of inclusiveness and pluralism. A truly democratic society is one that addresses the needs and demands of every section of the society and ensures that every section contentedly fulfills its aspirations. The ideal society that the Party envisages will be founded on the notion of universal human brotherhood. It will make the people of India grow above the narrow divisions and discriminations based on caste, community, region, and language and nourish the spirit of unity in diversity. This notion of universal brotherhood implies that a warm hand of cooperation is extended to the weak and oppressed sections of the society and minorities, they are uplifted through special measures and affirmative actions and it is ensured that they get a dignifie d place in the society and do not lag behind in the race of progress. It also implies that women should get full growth and development opportunities with full protection to their femininity.

Cultural Federalism
The Party envisages a society where all cultures have full opportunities to thrive and develop. The concept of federalism that the Party believes covers cultural federalism along with geographic and linguistic federalism. In a culturally diverse society like India, all cultural entities should get the fullest opportunities, resources, and powers to protect and promote their cultural values and identities. The Party proposes a notion of democracy where the rights of cultural groups are also protected along with the rights of individuals.

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