Welfare Party of India congratulated the people of Karnataka for voting for stability and rejection of BJP’s hindutva divisive politics.

Dr SQR Ilyas National President of ‘Welfare Party of India’ congratulated the Indian National Congress for throwing out BJP party from its only South Indian bastion with a majority mandate in the Karnataka Assembly elections.

 He said the Karnataka Assembly election result 2023, is the victory of the secular, democratic republic credentials of our constitution and was a befitting reply to the resounding lies, corruption and  divisive politics of BJP.

He said the massive defeat of BJP is the avalanche of voter’s anger towards PM Modi and his hindutva rhetoric through anti hijab, withdrawal of reservation for muslims and attempts to villainize Tippu Sultan and many other attempts to discriminate and polarize kannadigas and added that the people of Karnataka have chosen development and peace over them.

Dr Ilyas said Karnataka Assembly elections results will set precedence over the upcoming Parliament elections as BJP ki Ulti ginti shuru ho gayi hai, however he added there should be proper seat adjustments amongst the opposition parties, development should become the main agenda ,there should be no compromise on secularism with tactful countering of the Hindutva. Local and regional leaders must be effectively engaged.

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