JAIPUR, May 13: A significant meeting of the General Council of the Welfare Party of India (WPI) Rajasthan took place at Hotel Arco Palace on Sunday.

The session was presided over by Dr. S.Q.R. Ilyas, the national president of WPI. Under Dr. Ilyas’s leadership, elections were conducted for the posts of state president, state working committee, and federal general council.

Mr. Vaqar Ahmed Khan was unanimously re-elected as the state president for the upcoming term, a testament to his leadership and the confidence placed in him by the council members. Alongside him, 25 individuals were elected to the state working committee, ensuring a robust and dynamic team to drive the party’s agenda forward in Rajasthan.

Dr. S.Q.R. Ilyas stated that 11 members from Rajasthan were elected to the federal general council, reflecting the state’s active involvement and representation at the national level. The newly elected executive of Rajasthan will be officially formed in the forthcoming meeting, setting the stage for their strategic initiatives and governance.

Dr. S.Q.R. Ilyas announced the newly elected Federal General Council Members and State Working Committee Members.

The Federal General Council Members elected include Vaqar Ahmed Khan, Haseen Ahmed, Arshad Ali, M. Asif, Saifullah Khan, M. Khalid, Nasira Zuberi, Ghazala Parveen, Firozuddin Zorawar, Jaleel Ahmed, and Absar Ahmed.

The State Working Committee Members elected are Haseen Ahmed, Ghazala Parveen, Nasira Zuberi, Arshad Ali, Saifullah Khan, Firozuddin Zorawar, M. Asif, M. Khalid, M. Aasim, Abdul Gaffar, Jaleel Ahmed, Shifa Khalid, Absar Ahmed, Tariq Ahmed, Zakir Hussain, Shabnam Farhat, Shahid Padihar, Advocate M. Atiq, Javed Akhtar Ansari, Sabir Ali, Bahadur Khan, M. Chotu Ghosi, Ashfaq Ansari, and Abdul Mateen.

This election marks a pivotal moment for WPI Rajasthan, as it continues to strengthen its organizational structure and prepare for future challenges and opportunities. The re-election of Mr. Vaqar Ahmed Khan as state president highlights the unity and collective vision within the party, promising continued progress and effective leadership in the region.

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