Welfare Party of India welcomed the Supreme Court’s judgement to lift the ban on Media One and termed it “Bold and timely”

Dr SQR Ilyas, National President of Welfare Party of India appreciated the Hon. Supreme Court for lifting the Ban on the channel “Media One” and for restoring the freedom of the fourth estate and also the faith in the judiciary and pointed out that it came as a breather, at a time when all the democratic institutions in the country are being forced to become subservient to the Government.

He said the Apex Court rightly pointed out in the judgement that criticism of the government’s policies and actions cannot be construed as anti-national or anti-establishment.

and that an independent press is essential for a vibrant democracy.

He said, that the Hon’ble SC had also rightfully Scraped the order by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting that refused to renew the channel’s broadcast licence for want of security clearance.

He congratulated the tallest Court in the country for strongly rebuking the government for failing  to show any material facts or evidence to justify its decision to impose the broadcast ban on MediaOne, but targeted it only for telecasting on the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protests in 2020 and the Delhi Riots.

He pointed out that the Hon’ble SC had strongly objected to the confidential seal covers produced by the government and said “There cannot be a blanket immunity to the government for disclosure of information”.

Dr Ilyas concluded by saying the Hon Supreme Court reprimanded the Home Ministry for raising “national security” as claims out of “thin air” and added that this will send a strong message and hoped that Modi Government will refrain from making such false and fabricated statements in future and the judgement will put our media back on track of giving out bold and correct news.

We congratulate the Media one for getting restored their right through judiciary and we extend our support and solidarity for bringing the facts before the public.

Issued by

Media Coordinator

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