Welfare Party of India strongly condemned the President Emmanuel Macron of France for promoting blasphemy and demanded introduction of international blasphemy law.

National President of Welfare Party of India Dr SQR Ilyas strongly criticised French President Macron for misusing his position and encouraging hate mongering to serve partisan political interests in his country..

Dr Ilyas condemned the growing intolerance and blasphemous attack on religions and its icons and rubbished the claim of it as, ‘freedom of speech and expression’ and said, No freedom is “obsolete”.

He condemned the President of France for not giving up the blasphemous cartoons on the prophet of Islam and paying the highest civilian honour to the artist who committed the crime, which hurt the sentiments of millions of followers across the globe and demanded that, these cartoons  be withdrawn immediately and apology rendered to the faithful.

Dr Ilyas requested the United Nations to intervene and adopt a resolution, to pass an ‘international blasphemy law’ to protect  and honour all religions and its icons.

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