Welfare Party of India strongly condemned the Disqualification of Rahul Gandhi as politically motivated to silence dissent and called it sad chapter in the history of  India’s democracy.

Dr SQR Ilyas National President of Welfare Party of India called disqualification of the former president of Congress,Shri Rahul Gandhi from his, Membership of Lok Sabha and the vacating his Wayanad Parliamentary Constituency of Kerala based on his conviction in a 2019 criminal defamation case, despite getting  bail as politically motivated to weaken the opposition.

He also pointed out that this also exposes how fearful the BJP government is about the rise of Rahul Gandhi, after his Bharat jodo Yatra as he poses to be a direct threat to Modi government.

He said, that this disqualification is Modi government’s conspiracy to silence Rahul Gandhi who has been asking bold questions on crony capitalism and PM Modi’s alleged relationship with Adani who is accused of stock manipulation.

 Dr Ilyas said, ” this disqualification would backlash and could also be an unifying factor for all the opposition parties to come together and challenge the fascist, totalitarian Modi Government in the forthcoming parliament elections.

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