New Delhi
25th February 2022

Welfare Party of India strongly condemned Russia’s reckless and impetuous attack’ on Ukraine and demanded immediate withdrawal of Russian troops and early evacuation of Indian citizens from Ukraine.

National President of Welfare Party of India, Dr SQR Ilyas
strongly condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine and said India should play a proactive role in view of its strategic relation with Russia to end this war.

He said, “over 150,000 Russian troops, the largest military force since the World War II has entered Ukraine yesterday and can cause immense human sufferings”.

Dr Ilyas urged the Indian government to airlift
Indian nationals after closure of Kyiv airport in Ukraine and said more than 20,000 Indian nationals including students and diplomats are stranded in different parts of Ukraine.

He said, “alternate airspace should be set up soon to provide safe evacuation of foreign nationals from the conflict zone and to prevent the risk of targeting the civilian aircrafts”.

He concluded by saying, “the Russia-Ukraine war will lead to 3’D’s -death, destruction & displacement of human race and appealed to the United Nations Organization and the World community to work towards bringing immediate cease-fire, de-escalation, restraint & reason’ and to uphold World peace and security”.

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