Heavy Rainfall in Hyderabad, Welfare Party of India calls on State Government to take action on emergency basis

National President of Welfare Party of India Dr SQR Ilyas expressed his deep concern on the tragic flooding and heavy rain, which caused huge loss to life and property in the Telangana State and called it man made.

He attributed the high magnitude of destruction and damage to encroachments and illegal constructions on lakes and river beds and said: more than 50,000 acres of croplands were submerged in floodwater because of failure in flood management and timely release of water from the projects and held state government of Telangana responsible for it.

Dr Ilyas expressed his condolence to those who lost their lives and demanded compensation from Government of Telangana to the next kin of the deceased and medical, trauma care to the injured and the affected and compensation for the loss of property.


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