Welfare Party Strongly Condemns the Partisan Role of FaceBook in India

Welfare Party of India strongly condemned the partisan role of Facebook and alleged that there is a BJP-Facebook Nexus in India and demanded a probe by Joint parliamentary committee.

National President of Welfare Party of India Dr SQR Ilyas said:
Facebook and other social media are people’s platform and should remain free from bias and of any political inclination but the nexus between Facebook and BJP party is unfortunate.

He said the Face book’s role in allowing hate speech by BJP leaders violating company’s policy in order to protect its interests in its biggest market is shameful.

He said the hate speech and content that incites violence carried by Facebook are responsible for polarising Indian society and greatly influencing the electorates and said they are also against the Facebook policies across the globe the Facebook should strictly adhere to its policy.

He demanded the firm’s top public policy executive in India, Ms Ankhi Das to be suspended with immediate effect and a high profile enquiry is conducted and appropriate punishment should be given if found guilty.

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