Welfare Party of India severally criticised the Modi government and held it accountable for creating a man-made crises which resulted in the exodus of migrant workers and warned of riots for food if not properly addressed.

National President of Welfare Party of India Dr SQR Ilyas said the unprecedented announcement of 21day lockdown by the prime minister has created a situation of panic amongst the migrant workers who voilated the government’s directions and are walking a great distance to their homes exposing themselves and others to the impending danger and held government responsible for this self inflicted crises.

He said the PM Modi is not aware of the ground realities and makes quick announcements with little consideration towards the consequences.

He said while the decision to quarantine was necessary as there is no cure available yet to the corona virus but strongly condemned that there was no planning and proper implementation to provide food, shelter and transport to the daily wagers who lost their livelihood due to the lockdown.

Dr Ilyas said the announcement by the Finance Minister to give an emergency relief fund package worth Rs 1 lakh 70 thousand crore is insufficient and there is a need to reach out to the poor and lamented that there is no mechanism in place.

He added that the world wide crises due to pedemiccovid 19 has exposed the poor health care system in our country with inadequate number of doctors paramedical staff, beds, ill-equipped hospitals and grossly inadequate number of ventilators.

Dr Ilyas condemned the role of police who were brutally beating the hungry and the destitutes and urged the government to give strict orders to them from employing such unethical methods.

On behalf of Welfare Party of India

▪We demand that the doctors and paramedical staff should be provided with adequate security and safety aids.
▪We demand that the government should look after the welfare of all its citizens including the poor and the marginalised Sections.
▪ We demand that the GDP towards health care in the country be increased to 5 %.
▪We demand that a safe transport mechanism be developed to help the migrant labourers to reach home.
▪We demand that the central government should release foodgrains from the go downs of Food coopertion of India and provide to all states and Union territories to be given to all those affected.
▪We demand that the government provides food, accomodation in makeshift camps, healthcare and a package of allowance or stiphen to those migrant labourers stranded in other states.
▪We demand that the government should allow the voluntary organizations to undertake the relief work to ensure efficiency and transperancy.
▪We demand that the government needs to engage the volunteers and provide them with curfew pass and safety equipments to reach out to all Migrant labourers/poor affected.
▪We demand that the right to health be upheld as an integral part to right to life and as a constitutional obligation of the State to provide good health facilities to all its citizens.

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