Respected Sir/Madam,

This is to draw your kind attention to the Electricity(Amendment) Bill-2021 proposed for the amendment of Electricity Act, 2003 by the Union Ministry of Power. This Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2021 will be introduced and is likely to be pushed for passage in the monsoon session of Parliament that concludes on August 13, 2021.

Sir/Madam, the Constitution puts power(electricity) under the concurrent list. However, with the enactment of the Electricity Bill, 2021, whatever is left under the purview of the state governments would be taken away and is against the spirit of federalism.

Sir/Madam, according to the experts the Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2021, will pave way towards privatization of the power sector and will introduce the distribution of sub-licensee and franchisee without separate licenses for them from states.

Sir/Madam, the bill if enacted will increase the electricity tariff exponentially and the common man will face its burnt especially the farmers and the poor.

Sir/Madam, the draft of the Bill proposes to set up Electricity Contract Enforcement Authority (ECEA), increasing centralised control through its formation and giving it the power of a civil court to settle disputes related to power purchase.

Sir/Madam, when there are regulatory commissions, an appellant authority, why is another semi-judicial authority required?
ECEA will disempower not only regulatory commissions in the states, but also disempower the citizens.

Sir/Madam, I therefore request you to strongly oppose and pressurize the union government to drop the enactment of the Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2021.

Thank you.

With Regards,
Dr SQR Ilyas
National President,
Welfare Party of India,