Welfare Party of India pointed out at the Supreme Court’s interim order to suspend the implementation of the farm laws is welcome, but is not a permanent solution.

National President of Welfare Party of India, Dr SQR Ilyas said, the Supreme Court’s decision to stay the implementation of the farm laws is good as it broke the deadlock of meeting after meeting with no conclusive decision, between the government and the farmers, but pointed out that the interim order is only a temporary respite.

He appreciated the statements of CJI in favour of the the farmers, their legitimate right to protest for their livelihood etc but said that mere verbal statements with no practical implications will serve no purpose.

Dr Ilyas strongly criticised the Hon’ble Supreme Court for constituting a committee in its own wisdom without consulting the stakeholders (farmers) and said the selection of members is dubious and partial as they are all  farm laws supporters and demanded that this Committee members should be immediately dismissed and replaced with neutral members with integrity to get a balanced report.

Dr Ilyas said Supreme Court can stay a legislation, if it finds that (1) law is passed without legislative competence (2) law violates fundamental rights (3) law violates other provisions of the constitution and the contentious farm laws, lack merit on all these grounds.

Dr Ilyas pointing the technical aspect said, “When a law is made by Parliament, it is only the parliament which can repeal or suspend its operation by making another law. The Supreme court can however declare a law ultra vires and direct the parliament to repeal it.

Dr Ilyas implored the Supreme Court in all its glory as a custodian of the constitution, to play a responsible role as an embodiment of justice and to direct the Government to repeal the contentious farm laws.

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