To the Cadre and Well-Wishers of the Welfare Party of India,

Dear Colleagues,

Welfare Greetings!

Happy Foundation Day

I extend my sincere congratulations to you on the completion of 13 years of sincere and untiring struggles to envisage value-based politics and a welfare state. Today, we are entering into the 14th year of our commitment to alternative politics in India. On this day, let each one of us pledge again:

“I pledge to end communalism and hatred in my country.
▪ I believe every citizen is equal and worthy, irrespective of their religion, caste, or class.
▪ I believe every thought and act of hate must be shunned.
▪ I believe my elected representatives have the duty to honor the Constitution and respect & protect all citizens. If they fail in doing so, I shall hold them accountable and deny them my vote in the future.

Today, I take this pledge:
▪ I will strive to establish communal harmony in my country.
▪ I will strive in all my capacity to discourage and stop hate and prejudice that divide my fellow citizens.
▪ I will treat all citizens with mutual respect and encourage others to do the same.
▪ I shall strive legally in all my capacity to uphold plural spaces, freedom of religion, choice, and practice without interfering with others’ beliefs and stop others from interfering with mine.
▪ I will be the strength of the meek, marginalized, and deprived sections of society.
▪ I will uphold the constitution of my country in word and spirit.
▪ I will strive daily to honor this pledge, knowing that India will be a better place because of my efforts.”

Sincerely yours,

Dr. S. Q. R. Ilyas
National President, WPI

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