Welfare Party of India stated that coming to power in 2014 BJP government backed by RSS has undermined secularism, encroached upon the democratic institutions, by cynically jockeying for the support of different voting blocs and by stoking divisive issues of social identity for vote bank politics.

On development index , Party stated that BJP government is devoid of any development plan for majority of the citizens and is facilitating only microscopic corporate friends, while inflation and unemployment is at its peak.

Whether secularism and democracy will remain the defining ideology for our country depends on the BJP’s future electoral results in2024 parliament elections and the strategies the secular parties adopts to counter it.Therefore in this existential issue of survival for both the secular country and secular parties ,it is extremely essential to overlook differences and rise above personal and individual interest in the larger interest of the Nation.
WPI has resolved to continue to strive to bring all secular parties on one platform, to defeat BJP.

Subjudication of Judiciary

The Welfare Party of India pointed out that Judiciary is an important pillar of Democracy and if its authority and sanctity is undermined then the survival of democracy will be at stake.

It is binding on all governmental and other institutions to respect and observe the independence of the judiciary and thereby uphold the faith of the citizens in the justice system of our country.

The Supreme Court’s collegium that decides on judges’ appointments should remain independent and inclusive, without the interference of the government, to ensure that the judgements given are fair & free and not under any political compulsion or duress.

However,the impartiality and independence of the judiciary in recent times is already in shadow of doubt because of the recent verdicts on Babri, hijab ban, CAA, demonetization, EWS reservation and the continuing stand of judiciary in granting bail to several political prisoners across the country.

The judicial system must in word and spirit act as a custodian of the Constitution and
any attempts to make judiciary subservient to the government shall be strongly opposed by the Party.

Attack on Minorities

WPI stated that India under Modi Government has adopted laws and policies that are discriminatory against Muslim and other Minorities.

Muslim and Christian Citizens are demonized,
stigmatized, threatened, harassed, and their places of worship are attacked and vandalised with vengeance and impunity.

The Buldozer terrorism is being used to instill fear amongst the minorities.

There is under representation of Minorities in Parliament & Assemblies, in government jobs, defence sector and over representation in the jails.

Discriminatory laws such as CAA, Triple Talaq, Anti Hijab , Love Jihad ,Anti Conversion law and violation of Places of Worship Act are used to harass Muslims and Christians and to reduce them into second class citizens.

Welfare Party of India, demanded an end to the harassment & exclusion of Minorities and called it a violation of article 14 and 15 of the constitution and restoration Minority Central Schemes that were withdrawn recently

Caste Census

Welfare Party of India observed that there was no caste based census since 1931 and the 10% reservation for EWS was done without a survey, which is factually incorrect and should be withdrawn.

WPI demanded a scientific caste census to be held Pan India and put it in the public domain for better understanding of the socio-economic equations of various castes and to pass on the benefits of affirmative action to the marginalised sections and to facilitate them to have socio political share.

Addressed by

1.Dr SQR Ilyas
National President .

2.Mr RaviShankar Tripathi
National Vice President

3.Mr Subramani Arumugam
National General Secretary

4.Ms Sheema Mohsin
National General Secretary

5.Mr Vaqar Ahmed
State President of Rajasthan

6.Mr Haseen Ahmed
State General Secretary

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