Welfare Party of India strongly criticised the Delhi Police for using the lockdown as an opportunity for witch hunting and to harass  the  NRC/CAA protestors and the media for criminal profiling of Muslim community in the garb of Tabliqi Jamat and called it height of irresponsibility.

National President of Welfare party of India Dr SQR Ilyas said in this unprecedented situation of pandemic lockdown, the Delhi police instead of  helping the citizens, is taking advantage of the lockdown in harassing those who had earlier participated in the NRC, NPR and  CAA protest.
He also condemned the partisan attitude of the police in filing false charges and booking the innocent protestors for Communal riots which took place last month in North East Delhi. These acts of Delhi Police are deplorable and shameful.

Dr Ilyas said those who protested did so under the constitutional provision available to them and asked the Delhi police to behave in a responsible manner and carry out its constitutional obligation for which it has been constituted.

He strongly criticised the role of the electronic media for criminal profiling of the Muslim Community and using the cluster of Tablighi  Jamaat  members who had got stranded and labelling it as a part of the conspiracy to spread the pandemic.

He cautioned the media and asked it to play the role of the forth estate with responsibility, instead of fanning the anxiety and fear during this pandemic and deliberately trying to convert it into anti Muslim sentiment by demonizing the community.

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