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Karnataka High Court Verdict on Hijab will lead to discrimination & exclusion of Muslim girls.
New Delhi
16th March 2022

Welfare Party of India observed that the verdict by Karnataka High Court on Hijab will lead to discrimination and exclusion of Muslim Girls and appealed the Hon Supreme court of India to stay the order.

National President of Welfare Party of India Dr. SQR Ilyas said the Karnataka High Court in its order today has held that wearing of hijab is not essential to the practice of Islam which is anything but the truth as the Holy Quran has specific verses which explains its essentiality.

He said the CDCs of colleges have a right to make decisions regarding uniforms while many colleges were already allowing students to wear Hijab along with their uniforms just as they allowed Sikh boys to wear turbans, and Hindu students to wear bindis and tilaks.

He appealed to the Supreme Court to issue an immediate stay on the Karnataka HC order on Hijab as this order is anti-constitutional and leads to discrimination and exclusion of Muslim girls wearing hijab from acquiring education.

He said, the interim order of the Karnataka HC was also misinterpreted and all Muslim girl students including Muslim women teachers were prohibited from entering school/college grounds and subjected to public humiliation.

Dr Ilyas said the verdict is equating uniforms with uniformity,while it overlooks the fact that education institutions are seats of assimilation where pluralism and secularism is learnt.

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