Press Release

7th December 2021 New Delhi.

Welfare Party of India for effective advocacy wrote letters to heads of all opposition political parties, which included Congress, NCP, AITC, BJD, SP, BSP, AAP, DMK, AIDMK, TRS, CPI(M), CPI, RJD, JDU, JMM, IUML, MDMK, Telugu Desam, YSR Congress, MNF and also wrote letters to the honorable Members of Rajya sabha requesting them to reject Uniform Civil Code Bill’ 2020. In the letter it drew the attention of the honourable members to the plural nature of our country and described UCC Bill as an attack on cultural federalism. The letter states that UCC is mentioned in the Directive Principles. But the Directive Principles only suggests the ideals which the State should follow and keep in mind while formulating policies and enacting laws for the country while many Articles of the Constitution advocates in word and spirit of protecting the religious and cultural identity of the citizens like the Article 371 of the constitution which gives the people of North-east states special status to preserve the tribal culture of the original inhabitants and Article 25 of the constitution safeguards the rights of the minorities to practice religion in the country. These statues will grossly be disturbed if UCC will be introduced pan India The letter further said the origin of the uniform law dates back to colonial India when the British government submitted its report in 1835 stressing the need for uniformity in the codification of Indian law relating to crimes, evidence, and contracts, but they too specifically recommended that personal laws of Hindus and Muslims be kept outside such codification. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is pushing for this controversial legislation of UCC and attacking the personal laws of citizens only to play the hindutva card, to polarize and take electoral benefits and requested honourable members of Rajya Sabha to inunison oppose the UCC Bill when it is tabelled in the Rajya Sabha, as the opposition MP’s dissent note will prevent the government from bringing anti-people legislations in the country.


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