Press Release
New Delhi
17th June 2022

Welfare Party of India strongly condemned the new recruitment plan for India’s armed forces and said it is an ill-conceived and disastrous move by the Modi government which may lead to militarisation of civil society, and demanded it to be rolled back.

Dr SQR Ilyas National President of Welfare Party of India criticized Modi government for claiming that the new Agnipath scheme will bring down the average age of the defence personnel and reduce pension expenditure and said, “India cannot afford to have soldiers on contract basis and a compromise on nation’s security”.

He said, as per the Agneepath Scheme, young citizens in the age group of 17.5 to 23 years will be recruited and will be called “Agniveers.” and added that defence sector doesn’t need just ‘young and fit’ but also experienced personnel.

He said, “this scheme will demoralise the defence sector and six month training of the new recruits and early retirement and adversely impact the quality and professionalism”

He demanded to know why this scheme which drew sharp criticism across various
sections of the society, including ex-servicemen, doctors, engineers and politicians was introduced without any public debate?

He said people in the country are already afflicted by rising inflation and unemployment and wrong policies passed unilaterally will adversely impact the lives of the youth.

He said there are apprehensions that this scheme is designed to accommodate RSS agenda leading to militarisation of civil society and may seriously jeopardize peace and harmony in the country.

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