BJP government using it as a political tool

Welfare Party of India expressed dissatisfaction over the procedure involved in the verification of citizens under National Registration of Citizenship and called it shoddy with genuine citizens, facing uncertain destiny and said BJP government at the centre is using it as a political tool.

National President of Welfare party of India Dr SQR Ilyas expressed great concern over the mammoth exercise involving more than 1100 crore rupees to bring out the entire process of NRC in Assam state and called it shoddy, complex and contentious.

Dr Ilyas said while 3,11,21,004 crore people made it to the final list of NRC, 19,06,657 lakh were left out and are asked to appeal within 120 days in the Foreigner’s Tribunal and if rejected here, can further appeal at the high and supreme courts and called this entire procedure cumbersome and taxing on the poor.

He pointed out that many genuine citizens were left out despite producing genuine documents and in many cases members of the same family found their names missing in the final list and said documentation inclusion in the final list was prejudiced.

He blamed BJP government for using NRC as a tool to polarise people and create fear and for destroying the delicate social fabric in Assam.

He expressed concern over the future of the people who are left stateless, whose deputation is neither feasible nor a desirable option.

Dr Ilyas expressed apprehension that NRC if done in other states will also be shoddy using huge sum of money and leaving many genuine citizens stateless in the detention centres.

He further expressed concern over the introduction of Citizenship Amendment Bill which is anti constitutional and anti muslims and will make NRC more discriminatory and communal.

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