Welfare Party of India strongly condemned the arrest of Dr Umar Khalid student activist

National President Dr SQR Ilyas strongly condemned the arrest of Dr Umar Khalid by the Special Cell, Delhi Police and falsely implicating him in Delhi Roits.

He said Dr Umar Khalid always upheld constitution and emerged as a strong voice against the contentious CAA law, his approach was always peaceful, nonviolent and within the parameters of law his implication in Delhi Riots is totally fabricated and a false narrative created by Delhi Police to misguide the nation and stifle dissent.

Dr Umar Khalid has been booked under various sections including UAPA and named as a conspirator of the Delhi Riots sparing those who actually instigated by giving provocative speech.

He implored the citizens to stand up by the truth in solidarity with Umar Khalid and all the innocent activists who are falsely implicated in the Delhi Riots and said ultimately the truth will triumph and falsehood will perish.

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