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Criminal Procedure (Identification) Act 2022 is an attack on
Fundamental Rights of Citizens”


New Delhi
12th April 2022.

Welfare Party of India called Criminal Procedure (Identification) Act 2022, an infringement of fundamental rights to increase surveillance and for creating a police state.

National President of Welfare Party of India Dr SQR Ilyas questioned the intention of bringing the Criminal Procedure (Identification) Act 2022, recently passed in both the houses, which authorises the police, to collect plenty of sensitive personal biometric data,of prisoners, undertrials and even suspects and store it for 75 years.

He said, the law attacks the fundamental rights of the citizens and is against the right to self-incrimination as per Article 20(3)), and the right to privacy as per Article 21 of the Constitution of India.

He said, this law can be abused to silence dissent, as a political vendetta, against minorities and for creation of a police state and feared may soon become a
draconian law used for suspending civil liberties of the citizens.

Dr Ilyas appealed to the nation to oppose in unison, the Criminal Procedure (Identification) Act 2022, undemocratic law which may be used by the state to harass its citizens and demanded the government to roll it back.

Issued by

M Mondal
Media Coordinator

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