Press Release

New Delhi
8th Nov 2022

Welfare Party of India called the Supreme Court’s recent judgement to uphold validity of 10% EWS quota as disappointing and sought it to be reviewed.

Dr SQR Ilyas National President of India said that the verdict of the Supreme Court to uphold the 103rd Constitution Amendment Act which granted 10% reservation to the economically weaker sections (EWS) among the upper castes in a 3:2 decision was disheartening as it.
supported Modi government’s move to introduce 10% quota for economically weaker sections in education
and jobs in 2019 which drew strong resentment throughout the country.

He said this ruling by SC to uphold the validity of 10% quota for Economically Weaker sections, would further lead to their exploitation by the political parties for political benefits.

He said, “Reservation was intended to alleviate social backwardness of people oppressed and discriminated socially for centuries due to caste system and not to eliminate economic deprivation.

He reminded, that the affirmative action, in the nature of reservation was contemplated by the framers of Constitution in the Constituent Assembly and was a conscious effort to remove the discrimination and injustice for centuries due to caste system on the SC, ST & OBC citizens

He maintained that granting 10% quota to the upper castes on the basis of economic status is a mockery of that reservation which was introduced as a remedy to cure for the historical discrimination and hence cannot be poverty alleviation program.

Dr Ilyas demanded the government to introduce welfare schemes and Welfare packages to uplift the economically weaker sections with level playing fields to ensure fairness and equal opportunities to all.

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