Welfare Party of India shuns at PM Narendra  Modi for attending foundation laying ceremony of Ram temple on 5th August at Ayodhya and called it anti constitutional.

National President of Welfare Party of India Dr SQR Ilyas condemned the visit of PM Modi to attend the foundation laying ceremony of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya on 5th August 2020 and called it unbecoming to the stature of Prime Minister of India.

Dr Ilyas said our country is a secular country and the constitution gives liberty to all citizens to profess and practice their religion, but the state has no religion of itself and being its Prime Minister, he should remain neutral towards all religions and show respect.

Dr Ilyas strongly criticised the  BJP  for using religion as a tool to incite the sentiments of the people, polarise them and spread hatred to gain electoral benefits.

Dr Ilyas said it is very unfortunate that under the Modi’s  rule the great traditions of secular India is being dismantled at  Ayodhya and thereby laying foundation of a new republic. And added if the BJP party is guilty of dismantling the republic all other political parties are sadly silent approvers.

He said at a time when the country is fighting the battle against Covid pandemic PM’s visit is clear case of misplaced priorities and he is setting a wrong example and endangering his and the lives of others at Ayodhya.

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