New Delhi: National President of the Welfare Party of India Dr SQRI Ilyas said, in a press statement that Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his hate speech called Muslims “infiltrators” and used some of his most incendiary rhetoric which are highly objectionable” and said it is unbecoming of Prime Minister to stoop down to this level for harnessing votes and said he is not the prime minister for only one section of the society but for the entire nation and hence should behave in a dignified way suitable to the prestigious office of a Prime Minister.

He said,” India’s tradition of diversity and secularism has come under serious attack ever since BJP party came to power in 2014 and is constantly targeting and profiling Muslim Community which is harmful to our country’s plurality, integrity and progress.

He said, “The Election Commission of India’s model code of conduct forbids candidates to incite hatred, spread communal divisions and

fostering religious intolerance and said the party on Monday had sought immediate action from the Election Commission of India and demanded disqualification of Shri Modi’s candidature.”

Dr SQR Ilyas sincerely appealed to the people of India to not get influenced by such false rhetoric statements but to shun leaders who spread hate and lies.

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